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XCMG QY50K crane inside boom in North America

In December 2013 an engineer from Parts Supply Worldwide went to North America to work on a XCMG QY50K crane. This XCMG crane had trouble with extending its boom and the expertise of Parts Supply Worldwide was needed.

After working very hard, for days, on the telescopic cylinders and assembling the boom sections in a correct way the crane was brought back to working shape. Thanks to the experienced and well educated mechanics from Parts Supply Worldwide BV, we have made sure this repair went as smooth as possible.

QY50K Boom assembling in United States of AmericaXCMG QY50K Crane fixed and assembled in North America


Mobile workshop to Africa

To assure technicians have all the tools they need while repairing or maintaining your cranes, Parts Supply can deliver a mobile workshop for projects and large maintenance. Including anything that is needed for the job, these custom made workshops are an unmissable link in reducing the downtime and maintenance cost for your machinery. Inquire for your own custom mobile workplace and we can help you to maintain and repair your machines.

Mobile workshops to africa, workshop container, custom madeWorkshop container to Africa


Installing Robway safe load indicators, loadcell and display RCI1550 in China

In July of 2013, we installed Robway safe load indicators on two cranes of a customer in China. These cranes, built for heavy duty work, were moving harbour equipment onto cargo ships. One of them turned out to have a jib attached to its lattice boom, so some improvisation was required: the configuration of the dyno type indicator system had to be adjusted to fit the exact lifting properties. While working through an overwhelming typhoon, we suggested to install a load cell type indicator system instead, which contains less moving parts and neatly holds still on the crane's winch in any weather. This system is now up and running, ensuring safety for both the people and their equipment.


Repairing a Demag Terex crane CC2400 in Egypt

Taking with us the necessary hydraulic torque wrenches, we travelled to Egypt to help out one of our customers with a Demag CC2400. Its slewing ring was severely damaged and clearly too far gone for reconditioning, an option we always consider. Time was scarce, and ordering a new slewing ring would take too long for the project to be stagnated. We were glad to be able to put our extensive network to use and have a slewing ring delivered directly from the manufacturer, including a two-year guarantee. To ensure longevity, we installed an automatic lubrication system with it and our customer's project quickly could be resumed in February, 2013.


Crane repair project in Sierra Leone, eight cranes in maintenance

In November of 2012, we travelled to Sierra Leone to recondition no less than eight cranes. After running some tests, seeking out all interferences, we knew exactly what parts and tools were required and went back to the Netherlands to continue the process. Having to endure the hot and moist climate of Sierre Leone, these cranes had several problems to be solved. Teaming up with a specialized crane mechanic, we were able to get all cranes up and running again within 10 days. Our customer was very pleased with our work, and has been turning to us with any crane related problems eversince.


Rebuilding a Safe load indicator, SLI, system on a CC4200 Terex Demag crane

In 2011, one of our customers in Egypt had an 800 ton Terex-Demag CC4200 cralwer crane with a safe load indicator that required some looking after. Because of its condition, and this particular one being a prototype version, a new safety system had to be designed from scratch. However, this would be a complicated and time consuming proces, and our customer could not afford to wait that long. We thought of alternative solutions and decided to build a temporary backup system, one with no more than the necessary functions. After installing and calibrating this customized safety system, our customer turned out to be so pleased with it that he never actually replaced it eversince.


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