Safe Load Indicators

A Safe Load Indicator (SLI) or an Automatic Safe Load Indicator (ASLI) is a device which is installed on mobile or portal cranes to alert the operator if the lift is exceeding the safe operating range of the machinery. In some cases, the device will physically lock the machinery in circumstances it determines to be unsafe. Safe load indicator systems are usually composed of a microprocessor connected to various sensors on the crane itself. The SLI measures the angle and extension of the boom along with the load weight and compares this with the manufacturer's specifications to determine if the lift is safe.

Safe load indicator systems

Safe load indicator systems are on offer at Parts Supply Worldwide. We can advise you in determining which system is suitable for your crane and lifting capabilities. If you already made the decision which safe load indicator system to buy we can make suitable offer. Parts Supply is an experienced dealer in the world of safe load indicator so we can sell a variety of brands and types. We can help you with original equipment manufacturers safe load indicator systems but also offer systems from Pat Krueger, Pat Hirschmann , LSI and Robway.

Safe load indicator maintenance

Need help with your safe load indicator? Parts Supply Worldwide is your one stop adress for safe load indicator maintenance. In the past we went to customers to identify problems in the safe load indicator systems. After we found the issues we repaired the system with new safe load indicator parts and the cranes were up and running again in no time. We can modify and install new safe load indicator systems from scratch. Inform about the possibilities.

Safe load indicator parts

Need help with safe load indicator parts? Parts Supply Worldwide can offer parts for safe load indicator system for all crane equipment manufacturers. Besides supplying oem parts we can also offer parts for brands like: pat krueger , pat hirschmann , lsi and robway. Due to our experience with maintaining and repairing all kind of safe load indicators we feel we can help our customers with crane safety. Contact us and tell us what you require, then we will make an suitable offer.
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