HC 2902 Safe Load Indicator

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A Safe Load Indicator (SLI) or an Automatic Safe Load Indicator (ASLI) is a device which is installed on mobile cranes to alert the operator if the load is exceeding the safe working load (SWL ) of the machine. In some cases, the device will physically block operation in circumstances if determines to be unsafe. Safe load indicator systems are usually composed of a microprocessor connected to various sensors on the crane itself. 

HC2902 safe load indicator, as console with integrated control, is designed for the application on small telescopic cranes. The system has the pre-warning, overload alarm and over -load control output functions. 

Sensors and other equipment that is included with Hirschmann HC2902:

  HC 2902 Controller + display QTY:1
  Oil pressure sensor DAVE 300/3401 QTY:2
  LWG208-I length & angle sensor (length 0-35m) QTY:1
  Hoist limit switch with 1.5 meter cable and connector QTY: 2
  Mounting bracket QTY: 1
  Length & angle sensor cable QTY: 1
  Guiding roller for length sensor cable QTY: 3
  Adapter for pressure sensor G ½ to M16x1,5 QTY: 2
  Cable for oil pressure sensor (5m) QTY: 2
  Controller cable 15 pin (2m) QTY:1
  Junction box for boom head QTY:1

Installation of Hischmann HC2902 Safe load indicatorsystems

Many of our customers are already using HC2902 system on their cranes. Our customer in Brunei is using HC2902 on his mobile crane.

Technical Specifications

OEM Reference HC2902
OEM PAT Hirschmann