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Crane repair services . To achieve long lasting solutions while saving both expenses and time, Parts Supply Worldwide offers high quality crane boom repair service for lattice boom sections and telescopic booms. Due to our efficient way of working, access to state of the art equipment and high level of professional skill, experience and expertise, we are able to provide you with these services at highly competitive prices. We always strive for the shortest possible delivery time, an intention we can live up to thanks to the large quantity of high tensible tubular steel in stock and our close connections in the industry.


Considering the crane repairs we do at least equal the condition and quality of newly purchased products, the option to repair or rebuild a damaged part instead of replacing it is increasingly being chosen. This keeps your expenses at a minimum while getting the most out of your equipment. All crane repairs done by Parts Supply Worldwide will be brought to you with certificates and full guarantee. Whether you choose to contact us for repair, reconditioning or replacement of your parts: all services are available to you where ever you might need them. To guarantee the most efficient workflow in this process, all necessary logistics will be taken care of by Parts Supply Worldwide as well.


crane repair servicecrane repair servicecrane repair service

crane repair servicecrane repair servicetelescopic boom repair

The importance of expertise


We've often experienced a lack of knowledge and training in crane maintenance as well as crane usage. This is understandable, especially when considering that most companies using these cranes have a completely different core business. However, since crane equipment is so widely needed and used, this is why our specialized knowledge and experience has so frequently proved its importance and continues to do so. Many of the projects we've worked on involved poorly maintained cranes and untrained machinists. As skilled and important as they are, allround mechanics can only do so much crane wise: some troubleshooting simply requires the expertise of an experienced specialist. Besides having crane parts, technical knowledge and creative thinking at our disposal, we also enjoy a broad network of crane mechanics and specialists. The projects page is ment to give you an impression of some of the past projects in which our expertise played an important role. 



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