Motion control system for cranes

Parts Supply Worldwide develops and installs fully customizable motion control and safe load indicator systems for cranes.


In our workshop we design the program according control logic of your crane. Systems are completely assembled and tested on our simulator before delivery and installation.


Our motion and control systems are assembled using high quality standard components from first class manufacturers such as PAT Hirschmann and Phoenix electronics.


Parts Supply motion control and safe load Indicator systems ensures safety and prevent accidents during lifting operations.



Why should you use our systems?

With this complete new system your crane will work again

Frequently it happens that original equipment manufacturer components are unavailable or too costly. Parts Supply Worldwide BV develops complete safe load indicator and motion control systems  with the latest technology which is prepared for quick installation for your crane.


Often existing components can be re-used

In case existing components are still in viable condition they can be re-used. Thereby saving on the costs of purchasing new sensors.

We design the program according original control logic of your crane

Our motion control and safe load indicator systems are based on original OEM control logic. To keep the control logic of your crane in the original state we can transfer all data from old e-proms into the new e-proms. Thereby saving  valuable time on the calibration.


Control unit and sensors can be CAN-bus connected this to achieve complete overview of motion control system and reducing the amount of wires. Saving valuable time on installation and maintenance.


In order to save installation and calibration time on site.  We are using our safe load indicator and motion control simulator before we install the system on site.


Fully customizable system

Our motion control and safe load indicator systems are based on original OEM control logic. An example system would be comprised of the following components:

  • CAN-bus based
  • Full color touch screen 
  • Compete new design operator dashboard 
  • PLC controller and durable electronic relays 
  • Hoist limit switch 
  • Length and angle sensor 
  • Wind speed meter 
  • Pressure sensor 
  • External warning light 
  • LED indicated electronic relays 
  • LED indicator on solenoid connectors

Are you losing income because your crane is in breakdown?
Does your crane have Safe Load Indicator failures or control system issues? 

When you are interested in the possibilities for your crane / equipment and need more information. Our service advisors are always  available for assistance.

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