Care for your wire ropes,

This e-mail describes how to maintain wire ropes for mobile cranes and lifting equipment. Besides, we will inform you how to visually inspect your wire ropes daily and inquire for new wire ropes, that will suit your application.

Wear can occur at different places and intervals, depending on conditions, usage and the purpose of the wire rope. In order to diagnose wear of wire ropes in time they should be inspected regularly. Well maintained wire ropes prevent other damages and a dangerous work environment!

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Daily visual inspection

We advise a daily visual inspection of wire rope where extra attention should be paid to the following points:

  • The rope diameter
  • Length of the lay
  • Jamming or applied force
  • Deformation
  • Wire breaks
Please click here to read how to inspect and install wire ropes.
Hoist rope check list
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Periodic inspection

Besides the daily checking of visual damages to the wire rope it is important to schedule a more detailed inspection periodically. In most countries certification of lifting materials is also necessary! In such periodical inspection critical points should be specially observed. These points include:

  • Spooling on the cable drum
  • Sheaves and sheave grooves
  • By the rope end-socket
If small damages and jamming issues can be diagnosed in time the cable can be properly maintained. Due to the difference in hoist ropes and conditions there are many standards concerning allowable rope damages. For standards on when ropes should be replaced or what can be done to maintain wire ropes feel free to contact us. Our experienced staff will give you detailed and personal advice.

Inquire your wire rope and get the best price!

Easiest way to inquire wire ropes or crane parts is by providing us with following information:

  • Crane model
  • Crane serial number
  • Part number
However there are some situations when this information is not available!

Please specify as much as possible information about your current ropes and send us your inquiry. We will be glad to assist you in your procurement. 

When sending your inquiry we will need below information:

  • Construction type
  • Rope diameter
  • Lenght
  • Lay
  • Linepull
  • Finishing
If you are unsure please send us if possible certificate of your wire rope.

Please click here and inquire wire rope now!
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