Industrial, construction, transportation and marine application!

HoistCam™ is a wireless crane camera system that significantly improves productivity on the job site. HoistCam™ magnetic mounting system attaches to the hook block in minutes with battery run - time of 8 to 24 hours and transmits a clear daily and night videos to the operator cab and the management.


  • Eliminate blind spots and enable distance lifts
  • Portable and very easy to install 
  • Operator will be able to verify if the load is properly attached to the hook and he will have clear view of the winch, job site and personnel
  • Management is able to remotely monitor the job site with an aerial view
  • GPS tracking, recording and real-time playback 
  • Transmits a clear daily and night videos to the operator cab and the management
  • Technical support and training availible
  • Quickly setup and breakdown at each site
  • 5 year warranty
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  • Quick to mount and install with magnetic mount 
  • Numbers of cameras can range from 1 to 4
  • Push buttons to quickly switch between different camera views
  • Single, dual or quad split-screen monitor capabilities
  • 12VDC to 24VDC power compatible
  • Internal battery 8 to 10 hours per charge
  • External battery 8 to 24 hours per charge
  • Connect via wireless or cellular
  • Waterproof 
  • Shockproof
  • Rugged storage and transport case

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