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Axles are the backbone of your machinery
Axles of industrial machinery and cranes are of critical importance to ensure mobility for travelling and rigidity for operations. Due to travelling, rough conditions and exposure to the environment, the axles and suspension get worn down and can get damaged. 

Knuckles wear
Wear parts such as the axle bracing and steering knuckles are known to wear out more easily. Knuckles ensure the correct alignment and stabilisation of the axles. When these knuckles get too much clearance alignment and stabilisation of the axles is not guaranteed anymore and will decrease. Stress will pass onto other components of the axle causing extensive wear to your tires, axles, planetary drives, suspension cylinders etc.


Check and maintain

It is advised to check the axle bracing and steering knuckles of your machinery frequently for clearance and wear. Maintenance and preventative replacement will avoid additional wear and damage to the driveline.

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