Parts Supply Worldwide BV can provide you with counterweight for all your crawler cranes, such well known brands as Terex, Liebherr, Manitowoc Grove, Kobelco, Hitachi and Gottwald. Please contact us also if your crawler crane brand is not listed above. We'll be happy to provide you with the right solution for your crawler crane.

Why counterweight is important?

  • To expand your counterweight
  • To optimize your axle load during transportation 
  • To save money when purchasing a new crawler crane

What can Parts Supply Worldwide BV do for you?

  • Provide you with NEW counterweight with various weight
  • Repair your damaged counterweight 



Parts Supply Worldwide BV can advice you on any maintenance and service questions. Have a look at our extensive online catalog and read more about projects done by Parts Supply.

Please click on below crane and search the parts, that you need! If your brand/OEM is not illustrated please contact us and one of our advisors will help you!