One of our customers in Egypt has an 800 ton Terex Demag CC4200 crawler crane with a safe load indicator that required calibration and service. Because of its condition, and this particular one being a prototype version, a new safety system had to be designed from scratch.

Parts Supply has it's own special SLI department, that can completely design and implement new load measuring solutions onto your cranes. However, this would be a complicated and time consuming process, and our customer could not afford to wait that long. We thought of alternative solutions and decided to build a temporary backup system, one with no more than the necessary functions.

After installing and calibrating this customized safety system, our customer turned out to be so pleased with it that he never actually replaced it. The crane is fully functional and certified and parts are still sourced through Parts Supply Worldwide BV.

  Rebuilding a Safe load indicator, SLI, system on a CC4200 Terex Demag crane