PAT Hirschmann Safe Load Indicators on offer
Maximize Safety and Efficiency of Crane Operations
Parts Supply Worldwide BV offers a wide range of standard and custom load sensors from PAT Hirschmann. PAT Hirschmann is known in the industry for their rugged design and accuracy. We can supply following PAT Hirschmann sensors:
  • Load pins
  • Load cells
  • Pressure transducers
  • Hoist Limit Switches / A2B switches
  • Dynamometer / Lineriders
  • Other PAT Hirschmann parts, click here for promotion page
Your benefits: 
  • Competitive prices
  • PAT Hirschmann parts can be delivered on exchange base. This can be a great cost reduction for you. Click here and read more about exchange base options.

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PAT Hirschmann Stock catalog


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Please have a look at our Hirschmann SLI online stock catalog or check our PAT Hirschmann promotion page (If your Hirschmann part is not listed in our stock catalog, please contact us and we will take a look for you!). 

Please click on below links and find the parts that you need! If you are unsure which parts you need please send us the details of your crane and SLI system so we can assist you further.


Load cells and Load pins  

Load cells & Load pins


Dynamometer / Line Riders

See pressure transducers  

Pressure tranducers

See hoist limit parts  

Hoist Limit Switch


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